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Meeting of waters of the Sierra Nevada and the Caribbean Ocean

Atlas of the Andes
2007 - 2018 (Ongoing project)

Landscapes are cultural manifestations that record mankind's relationship with its territory. As a result, the subjectivity of our gaze and our desire to idealize nature inevitably influence how we have represented it throughout history. The way these circumstances pervade our perception of our natural milieu, is one of the main concerns addressed by this project.

Its aim is also to become a visual, personal atlas of the botanical, geological and climatic diversity of the northern Andes mountain range, from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, to the Chimborazo volcano and the Paracas peninsula. My intention is to represent the beauty of nature's vastness as well as the fragility of the infinitesimal particles that compose it.

Above and beyond their necessity to replicate visible content, these images intend to translate sensorial experiences arising from both memory and physical presence. I use both photography and video aiming to erase their technical frontiers and to expand each medium's particular descriptive and narrative attributes.

Atlas of the Andes is an ongoing endeavour that comprises travels made in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

C. E.

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